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Jerome McCauley
Born in United States
44 years
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Daniel Nemanich Laughed so hard I cried January 10, 2018
I just returned to the sport of skydiving and googled some old names and found the sad news of Jerry's passing. I spent a lot of time with Jerry in San Diego at Air Adventures and San Diego Air Sports. Jerry was my tandem instructor examiner for my recert on Strong and certed me on Sigmas. I loved the man. He was salt of the earth. Here's a story he told me once some of the details are cloudy but bulk of the story is pure Jerry.

So Jerry was working two jobs. I don't remember what they where apart from him being active duty and I think he was in Coronado at the time. The 2nd job was north of San Diego up the 15. He was commuting on his motorcycle and basically burning the candle at both ends. One night he was on the stretch of the 15 before Temecula and doing the alternating eye ball open exchange. He described it as being soooo tired that he was struggling to keep one eye open at a time, let alone, both eyes. Also, it was winter and he was fully bundled. He described waking up on the freeway to the sound of sirens. As he awoke, he sat up and the wind above the cowling caught him and he flipped backwards on the sit nearly coming of the cycle. His legs went flying up. At this point, I'm in disbelief but Jerry insisted this was all true. He continued to tell me this story. He manages to get upright and grabs the bars again and that's when he realizes there are mutiple highway patrol cars around him. I forget the #. Anyway, he pulls over and out comes the officers surrounding him. Because it's winter, he has his head wrapped up good inside the helmet and cannot hear the officers. They are quite peaved at this point because their instructions and not being followed because he can't hear them. At some point his helmet and all the other head garb come off and the dialouge begins. I remember Jerry describing multiple guns being drawn on him and one officer asking "Do you have any weapons?" being a SEAL Jerry responded, "In life, everything is a weapon." to which Jerry said the guns went from somewhat relaxed to very pointed. Things settled down after and the cop asked him what the hell he was doing speeding and not pulling over when they first attempted to pull him over. Apparently, the cops described to Jerry somewhat later in this dialouge that he was doing about 100mph weaving back and forth between the lanes. For those that do not know this section of freeway, It is 5 to 6 lanes wide and in the middle of the night, virtually empty (usually). Jerry explained who he was, where he was commuting to, and that he was burnt out and tired and fell asleep. He went on to explain to the officer that he awoke to the sirens, sat up, almost got blown off the back off the cycle, and so on... The officer responded with, "I was wondering what the hell you where doing when I saw your legs fly up..." Jerry described that as being the ice breaker and the cops believed him, laughed at him, and eventually sent him on his way. If not for him nearly flying off the cycle upon waking and them witnessing it, it would have been a different outcome as Jerry told it. This story as Jerry told it which I cannot do justice was one of the funniest and most unbelievable stories I've heard. I'm sure some of you that know him have heard his rendition and laughed hard as well. Man he told it good.

I remember him telling me that story like it was yesterday. I miss him and I'm just processing his loss now having just learned of it.
BMC(SEAL/DV) Ret. Paul Parmenter
 Liz and I met Jerry when I was at ST-3 back in the mid 90's. I'm not sure who was a worse influence for who. Ha,Ha,Ha. I later saw Jerry when we were both contracting for a private company. He calls me up and wants to know if I want to do a jump for this private company for 500.00. OF COURSE I'm DOWN!!
We all loaded the cassa. Because of the low ceiling, the J/M (Jerry) gave the option to jump to the jumpers.I was at about 1k ft AGL when I finally could see through the clouds. No one made the DZ.  Ahhhhhhh the good ol days:) I miss you Bro!
Bill Dwinell
Jerry was always in control and acted like he had a plan, even if he didn't. I had never met someone more confident in any situation than Jerry.  I remember when we were at SEAL Team Three. We pulled up to a restricted area on some base. I knew we didn't belong there and so did Jerry but  that didn't bother Jerome a bit.  He just drove right past the "Authorized Personnel Only Signs" and up to the hanger. Jerry jumped out of the truck and walked across the building like he owned the place. A Sailor  came out and asked Jerry "Can I help you?" Jerry simply replied "No, I'm good" and continued walking. The sailor was astonished and challenged Jerry again. This time Jerry looked totally annoyed. He sternly looked and that sailor and in a commanding voice asked "Don't you know who I am?" The sailor replied sheepishly "No". Then Jerry said "GOOD!" and flashed his signature smile jumped in the truck and we drove away. Leaving the sailor standing alone in the Hanger wondering what had just happened. I have never laughed so hard in all my life.  The world was a better place with you in it Jerome and you will be missed.
paul craig
I never knew and I apologize for that, I never expected to see what I saw when I randomly searched you out to see where you were jumping. So, I guess I'll leave my favorite memory's of you.
I know that everyone that reads this will understand that it was just how you were.
We were in VA beach staying at a Navy Lodge and for some reason he did multiple flips and rolls down the stairs right to the foot of the front desk. The girl behind the counter freaked out and when she was going to call the ambulance, he stood up like nothing happened and we walked out. I almost fell down the stairs for real laughing so hard.
I met up with him in New Port RI when they were jumping in.  Some USMC Major was bitching about how he parked his car or something at the Q. So, when we left he stuck about 30 Leap Frog stickers on his back window.....
Another time we double parked (Jerry assured us it was cool) a 16 man van and went to a bar to grab a "bite to eat" we were in there for about 10 hours and when we came back, the van was gone. and so was about 200k in gear. luckily it was towed and not stolen but he never quit smiling. You are surly missed.
To your Family, I cannot imagine the void left by such a bigger than life Husband, Father and great Man. I can only offer my deepest and most heart felt sympathy and know that his unselfishness and intrepid life have been touch deeply by all that met him. .
Thanks for the ultimate sacrifice and I know heaven is a little bit brighter now PAUL
AJ Mclachlan
At the end of '97 I left Perris and returned to New Zealand for a short time. That was the last time I saw Jerry. He was my best friend for 4 years and I cherished every minute of our friendship. We spent lots of time together down in San Diego and two trips to the World FreeFall Convention at Quincey, IL. At one point in '96 Jerry had to go away for two weeks and asked me if I would take care of Romie while he was gone. Romie and I hung out and had a good time until Jerry got back and he made it very clear that he appreciated me taking care of his boy. I only wish I could've done half for him that he did for me. Jerry, we may have lost touch, but you will always be my friend. Thank you for you service and it was Honor to have known you. May you always have blue skies.
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