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Jerome McCauley
Born in United States
44 years
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Lincoln Anthony
I met Jerome when I was a freshman on the Lyman high school cross country team.  He instantly drew us younger guys in with his larger-than-life personality and animated style and quickly became both the unofficial leader of our running tribe and the funniest person I've ever met. He helped foster a bond that will never be forgotten.  I always thought of Jerome as a kindred spirit but I realize now that lessons I learned from him about responding to adversity with humor and camaraderie among teammates have served me well for close to 30 years - I'm a better person for knowing you and you are truly missed Bro!
CAPT Dennis Granger, USN (RET)

Mac, I was your class leader in BUD/S, your SEAL Platoon Commander and your jump buddy when you couldn't jump and dive-bombed every formation we tried back in '86. I was there when you got your nipple pierced, and spent a lot of time pulling you back into the fold  from slight brushes with law enforcement. You were there when I met my wife and we partied countless times in many countries. We shared the same sense of humor and we were friends and Team mates. Jerry, I miss you. A spirit such as yours never dies, it lives. And how does it LIVE!


Hoo-Yah brother!

Kip Lohmiller

Jerry, was a brother of mine in the Special Operations forces, he was a partner in the skydiving world, it seems like just yesterday when we worked together in OH at my dz.  We will miss him for all his positive attitude, his selfless attitude, and all the  knowledge he passed on to so many people. 

Jerry I will miss you, and so will all your friends and all the people you touched in the military and in the skydiving world.  You will always be in our thoughts.  May God take care of you.

Chris Palumbo

A favorite memory of mine is of the day Jerome and I met in 7th Grade PE class at Milwee Middle School.  We were being taught archery that day and we were paired up on the same target.  Neither one of us could hit the bullseye so we decided to see how far we could shoot the arrows past the target into the lake behind the school.  Needless to say the coach wasn't impressed and we each received a detention. 

That was the start of a friendship that lasted over 30-plus years.  From that day on we were usually together wreaking havoc and trying to have as much fun as we could possible cram into one day... and we had many days.  He became my brother and I could never have asked for a better friend.  I have so many more funny stories to share... and I will.  I love you, Jerome!

Ann Domenico-Berg

Jerry McCauley, bigger than life and would never let anyone be a quitter!  Jerry decided that he was going to help me learn how to be a "real runner" by running with me in the mornings along the canal banks around the Perris DZ.  There was no quitting - no matter how long his legs were or how short mine were - he'd "coach" me through one more mile to make it back to the dropzone.  Of course his coaching was more like prodding and goading me to not give up, but it worked.  Then I made the mistake to letting him take me through a few exercises.  I couldn't sit up from a prone position for days because my abs were so sore.


I haven't spoken to him or Belinda in years but they're always there in the back of my mind as one of the best memories of my life.


Blue Skies and sing with the angels!!


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