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Jerome McCauley
Born in United States
44 years
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Chris Judice

My best memories of skydiving in the US are of Jerry and the Ghostriders..
He was a brother, friend and teammate!

I will miss you Bubba!



Rich Grimm

My heart sank when I got the call. We used to do night jumps together as the "Moon Brothers". We would put glow sticks out of all of the holes in a Pro Tech helmet, looking like a lit up punk rocker. Jerry made me laugh so often, telling some pretty funny SEAL days stories. He always asked about taking the fire dept. test, and I encouraged him to do so and get out of the war business.

I so wanted this to not be true...

Fly free Moon Brother...




Tania McLachlan

Jerry McCauley was larger than life. He was a truly GOOD PERSON with a heart of gold and a smile to match. I met him in 1994 while living at the Perris Valley Skydive Centre and got to know him, Belinda (who I worked with in the school) and Romie. We have kept in touch via email ever since I live in New Zealand.

A kiwi word Jerry loved was "Wanker" and I loved the way he said it, it always cracked me up.


Fly free in heaven Jerry-you will never be forgotten!, Hugs to Bel, Romie and Hailey.


With much Love & Friendship Always,

Tania (& Hannah) McLachlan

Christchurch, NZ

Lori Thomas
Jerry always struck me as a personality larger than life. One of the first pro's I met when I walked on the Perris DZ as a newbie, yet one of the nicest...pulling you into the conversation because you were one of the 'team'.

Last time I saw Jerry was at one of the Perris CReW Camps in preparation for the World Record 2005. He'd come back home to qualify for the event and help out where he could. I talked a bit with Jerry, then, about his duties in Iraq. He was very enthusiastic and was looking forward to going back. He enjoyed his work there and saw its potential. He did not want to stay in the States as long as he could do good there, where he was needed.

This impressed me so much, yet was also so out of my reach to understand. Jerry will always be larger than life. Thank you for sharing with us what that's like.

Simon Palacio

A few months ago after Jerry moved down this way and started jumping with us at Suffolk. I'll never forget the first AFF jump I did with him. I was reserve side. The student went to do his practice touches at about 11.5k and just as the student reached back, I saw Jerry's head pop up and give me this very strange look with a big cocked eyebrow. I had little time to be puzzled by the look on his face as the student was ripped from my hand as he threw out his pilot chute on the first touch. That's what that look was for. Then he actually shrugged at me in freefall. I laughed soo hard. It was a really short skydive for the student but Jerry still impressed me, he gives one hell of a debrief for a 15 second skydive!

Thanks for letting me absorb some of your knowledge and experience Jerry, just wish I had time to absorb more.



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