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Jerome McCauley
Born in United States
44 years
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Chaiya Ortiz We love you Jerry! March 1, 2008

I'm so sorry to hear that Jerry is no longer physically with us!!!  He and Belinda were a part of Javier and I just as we were starting out.  I'll never forget those days working at the DZ and hanging out with them at their home in Temecula. 


I came to believe shortly after getting involved with skydiving that a person never really dies.  His/her energy/spirit lives on.  Jerry was so full of life.  I know that he's out there somewhere.  I hope that can give some comfort to us all.  Belinda, you and the kids are in my thoughts and prayers.



Javier Ortiz "Ears In" March 1, 2008

Jerry and I partnered up for the AFF certification course.  I was all nervous about doing well.  During one of the lectures by Don Yarling I was trying to focus, then at break time Jerry took me aside and said, "did you notice Don's ears?"  For the remainder of the course I had a hard time following the material, because all I could focus on was Don's ears and it actually helped calm my nervousness. 


Later in the course Jerry came up with a new hand signal that meant, "Ears In."



Kathy and Ron Clark Jerry February 29, 2008

Belinda and Romie,


We were shocked and saddened to hear about Jerry. Our hearts are breaking for you. He loved and was so proud of his family. He left a legacy of commitment, love and service. You are no doubt very proud of him for his dedication. He was loved by all who knew him, and he will be missed. Sad times, very sad times.


Love, and sympathy,

Kathy and Ron

Slim Gifts given back February 26, 2008
Jerry ran an AFFCC at Emerald Coast for a couple of friends.  I was fortunate enough to break in as an evaluator there.  It's easy to see why he is missed so much.  In the short time I was around him, I felt a kinship and was impressed with his ability to teach.  Just as memorable was his love and zest for skydiving.  He will be truly missed.

Blue skies Jerry,
Ronnie Romain I will never forget you February 18, 2008



I just wish I had more time to tell you how great you really were. 


I will never forget my last time in Amman Jordan with you. The fun we had and time we spent together laughing enjoying just getting away from Baghdad.  All I can say is thanks for everything.


I sorry about shooting the rats from the roof and scaring you.  However, like always we got a big laugh from that and you as well.  You thought they were being shocked by the electrial wiring on the roof.


Most of all, I will remember your smile in the midst of anything.  You never seem to let anything get to you or upset you.  Cool-Hand Luke should have been your call sign.


I will always miss you brother, and never forget you... Rest in Peace my Brother


Your Friend Ronnie Romain " CHEF "

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