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Jerome McCauley
Born in United States
44 years
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Gilda Bowman My friend... July 22, 2009

Over a year later, I still think of you Jerry.  I missed you today and just had to call Belinda to see how she's doing.  Your Arlington cemetery site will be well visited by your friends and family starting this friday when the further ceremonies for you commence. A friend like you was such a blessing to have, along with your wife and children. Rest in peace my friend knowing that your legacy lives on in your children, wife and friends.


With Love and Respect,


Joe Baker Belinda July 13, 2009
belinda, it has been a good while since i have seen you, but i want you to know you and jerry have been in my prayers.  I still remember the last time i stopped by the house when you guys lived in Coronado.  Jerry was always willing to listen, give advice and do the right thing, he was a good friend.  god bless
Brad Cheek Voice from the past July 7, 2009

To the family of Jerome McCauley,

My name is Brad Cheek and though you probably do not know me there were a few years in the late 70s when Jerome, Chris Palumbo, and I were inseparable. We did all most everything together. My memories of him from back then are of good times. He was honest and good to me and to this day, some twenty nine years later I have never met someone as zany and fun to be around as Jerome. I just spoke to Chris yesterday (7-6-09) for the first time in over twenty five years and he informed me that Jerome is no longer with us and he gave me the address to this website. Belinda, I pray to our Father in Heaven that he gives you and your children strength and peace., may he all so meet your every need this day and tomorrow. I pray this in Jesus name.

May God bless you and your family all ways,

Brad Cheek

Tim Gola Amtrak December 25, 2008

It was actually through Jerome's passing that opened up a window of opportunity for me to meet Belinda and Romie.  I thank God for giving me the chance to be in their presence together.

And I thank you, Jerome, for the great service which gave to this country.  I am 100% man, yet, I'll never come close to being half the man which you were!

Sincerely,  Tim Gola 

Rick Horn Thank You Jerry April 30, 2008


I knew you in the skydiving world, but forgot to say one thing. Thank you for keeping our country safe. Thanks to you, and people like you,

I'm proud to be an American.

Mary Beth You are always in my heart April 16, 2008



You, Belinda and Romie were some of the first friends of mine when I came back to Perris from the east coast, I think even before I left.  You and now Hayley are all in my thoughts and prayers all the time.  I know you are up there flying your canopy in Heaven and watching over all of us.  Thank you so much for being part of my first CRW dive.  That is something I will never forget.  I can still see you and Belinda sitting by the pool when I asked you to film it.  We had a lot of fun together in Florida together in 2005.  Thank you for your love and friendship.


Friends Forever!! 

Mary Beth

Damien Ristaino Soldier to another soldier April 10, 2008

The most outstanding custom in the American Armed Forces is simply "being" and all that it implies. Call it morale, call it esprit de corps, call it what you will --it is that pride which sets a United States Service Member apart from other countries services.

It is not taught in manuals, yet it is the most impressive lesson a recruit learns in boot camp. It is not tangible, yet it has won fights against material odds. You will live on in all whom surrounded you because of your intangible being of a father, husband, brother, service member.

Princess Hailey A Poem for My Papa April 9, 2008

Roses are red, violets are blue. I love you Papa and I know you love me too.

I'm not very mad, but I'm still very sad, I have to be strong and someday I'll be glad. I wish I could kiss you and give you a hug. Love from your Princess Hailey Mimibug.


I love you so much Papa, I wish I could see you, but I know I can't.


Well I love you. I'll see you someday. 


Bye Pops.


Love your Princess Hailey Mimibug

Laird Canby Operation One Voice Volunteer March 17, 2008

Although I never had the honor of meeting Jerome McCauley, my respect and sincere appreciation of this individual cannot be measured. On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for what you did and sacrificed, so all Americans can do what they do each and every day. God bless you and your family.




Laird Canby



Bradley Carroll CFO - Operation One Voice, Inc. March 10, 2008

Men like Romy are the reason we can all be free.  I had the honor of meeting Romy on several occassions at his mother, Donna Parra's house.  We all knew we were in the midst of a hero. 

Our deepest condolences from the Operation One Voice family to yours.

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