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Jerome McCauley
Born in United States
44 years
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Bora BIAP Interpreter April 5, 2015
Man I miss you, We had great times in biap espicially when we met the DG with Kevin. You are a HERO. Rest in peace brother 

Bora Bora  
Belinda My husband December 25, 2013
Toots, wishing you a very Merry Christmas. How awesome is it to be in Heaven and be part of this glorious day? Is it the best party ever? I have to be honest and say I wish you were here with me to celebrate. I always treasured this special time of year. We did not have too many Christmas's together but, each and every one was special when you were. I remember Romie and I being at Mom's house for Christmas in 2007 and you were overseas. We all were so happy that you sent us each a personal e-mail that morning. I treasure it to this day. None of us that morning thought it would be the very next month that you would be called home. I still catch myself looking at your photo's and at the front door knowing you will walk in. Silly isn't it? I keep thinking you are just playing another joke on me. You were always good at surprizing me and this would be your best one ever! But, my head knows that my Christmas wish of you being here with me will never come true. When does this pain in my heart of missing you get easier? I do not know. This is the 7th Christmas without you. I will just hold onto knowing you will be with me in spirit today. Good news..Romie, Oma and I will be together this year. Never forget how much I love you, miss you and adore you. Merry Christmas, Toots and enjoy this special day. Tell Jesus that I am so grateful he was born and is my Savior. ILYT  
Eddie George Pakistan 2003 September 20, 2012

My name is Eddie George my call sign was STU. I’m retired US Army Special Forces Green Beret and I work with Jerry in Pakistan in 2003 on a contract. I wanted to tell you that Jerry and I spent time together before we left on the mission and during the mission. He was the funniest guy I ever deployed with. When you felt down and out here comes Jerry to give you the lift you needed. He always had a way to make you feel better and put a smile on your face. I often think of Jerry, I have a picture of us in Pakistan in my office and when I look at it he brings back great memories. I wanted to let you know he was a great friend and a true Warrior. It was an Honor to have served with Jerry and I will never forget him. May Jerry RIP and God bless and watch over his family. Here is a nice Poem where it says Green Beret you can put Navy SEAL for we are brothers as one.

Eddie (STU) 


 By Rudy Kovar
for Sergeant 1st Class Dan Petithory and all Green Berets

I can't tell you where I'm going ... but I'm going off to war
To a land beyond the sunrise where I've never been before.
I can't tell you where I'm going ... for Freedom is my right.
I can't tell you of my mission in the darkness of the night.
But wherever I am going I will serve among the brave
For the honor of Old Glory and America to save.
And if I fall in battle and the wave of death is sure,
I can't tell you where I'm going when I knock on Heaven's door.
Remember I'm a Green Beret ... spoiling for a fight-
A warrior for Democracy and for my Nation's Might.
And when my flag is half-mast gently blowing in the breeze,
I am no more at attention ... I am gone ... and now at ease.
And one day we will meet again upon that golden shore
'Cause I know where I'm going ... and you know where I'm going.
Folks, we all know I am going into God's Arms once more...

Gino DellaMaggiore MD January 3, 2011

I thought about Jerry for a long time during a run last night.  I met Jerry some 10 years ago while I was still in the Navy.  I operated on Jerry's shoulder shortly after 9/11.  To this day, when I'm operating, I love telling stories about my time in the Navy.  One of my favorite stories involved Jerry. 

I was seeing clinic at Group Medical and was due to see Jerry next.  As Jerry walked in, another team guy shot a smart-ass remark at him.  Without missing a beat, or changing his stride at all, Jerry looked at the guy, leveled his eye, put a stern look on his face and threatened him with "Have you ever been to sniper school."  The look on the guys face demonstrated Jerry's quick and decisive victory in the battle of whits.  While continuing to walk by, after a dramatic pause, and turning his head with a dismissive nod, Jerry said, "Naw, I didn't think so..."  I still laugh every time I tell the story. 

I only learned about Jerry's passing six months ago.  I always admired his confidence, affability, and his zest for life and those things around him.  Some patients have a huge impact on me, and Jerry was one of those guys.  He will be remembered here in San Jose, CA on runs, in the operating room, and every other time I pass on the "Sniper School" story.  Gino 

Q Gratitude May 31, 2010
You were a good influence on all those you worked with. I'll always remember your spirit and actions in the sandbox, and I will fly a flag today with special consideration for you on this Memorial Day.
Dana S. Jerry.... January 1, 2010
To Jerry's Family:

You don't know me, but I heard of you all often.  I just learned of Jerry's passing and wanted to offer my condolences.  I worked with Jerry in Baghdad for about 6 months in 2005.  Jerry was a not only a colleague, but a good friend during my time in Iraq.  He kept me sane and safe.  He watched me go from single to engaged.  And, offered brotherly advice.  I will treasure my memories of our short time together.  I will pray for strength and peace for the McCauley family as the anniversary of this great loss approaches.
stiles family December 22, 2009

You are always with me ! You truly are my hero,forever and always.Memories....       

Dan Marshall A memory forever November 27, 2009

I remember a time when I worked with Jerry when I was with SEAL Team ONE and he was in SEAL Team THREE and we were jumping at Brown Field.  Well needless to say the weather rolled in and it appeared to be too cloudy to jump to the untrained eye (including mine). We were the last two in the airplane and didn’t want to land at North Island.  Jerry told me there was no problem and he knew right when to jump, even though we couldn’t see the Drop Zone, Mexico, America or anything else.  I, of course, had blind faith in Jerry as a jumper, a man, a sailor, and of course a patriot; if Jerry said we could jump, then it was good to go.  So we jumped out of the plane into the clouds and held on to each other because we couldn’t see anything; let alone each other if we let go.  As we passed through the clouds, right at 5,000 feet I looked down and we were right on top of the Drop Zone. It was a time I will never forget.


Thank You Jerry for your ultimate sacrifice…until we meet in the final pasture…Blue Skies…
Janet Levine Love You & Miss You Always... November 11, 2009

Jerome "Jer"

I just put my flag in the front yard today, Veteran's Day, and my heart went to you and all the many servicemen & woman, who fight for our country each and every day.  You know Belinda and I have been Best Friends (my BFF) for 38 years now and of course you,  Steven, Belinda and I had a lot of fun over the early years of your life while you were in the Navy in San Diego.  I always remember how you were so good at making people laugh and smile by just being in your presence. 

Every time I see geese flying overhead I think of you, because everytime you passed gas you'd blame it on the flying geese.  What fun memories, sky-diving and just knowing you were a great husband to Bel and father to Romie and Hailey.

You are always missed and on days like today, people remember all you've done over 25 years of your life was dedicated to keeping our country safe and I thank you from the bottom of my heart dear friend.

God Bless You Jerome, I Love You and Thank You for being such a Wonderful part of my Cherished Memories of You, Bel & I over the years. Until we meet again...

My Love & Friendship Always, Janet

mom 2 Waylon Kitchens in my thoughts August 1, 2009
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